About Me

My name is Alan Jiang and I’m an illustrator, motion, and graphic designer currently studying at ArtCenter College of Design. Most of my inspiration comes from nature and architecture, because I love to observe the beauty of everyday life. I also incorporate elements from different cultures into my illustrations by utilizing specific color palettes and local specialties.

Claude Monet once said, “color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” I believe colors can convey feelings and emotions. Therefore, I’m fascinated with working with bold and playful colors that make one feel optimistic. I also love creating 2D animations and drawing with pen & ink. I believe art can spread positive energy to the world and bring enjoyment to everyone.


International Motion Arts 9

Creative Quarterly 65 Winner (Graphic Design)

ArtCenter Student Gallery (2017-2021)

ArtCenter Scholarship (2017-2021)


Email: alanjiangdesign@gmail.com

Phone: 626-566-1859