World Fashion Channel



Individual Project

Elaine Alderette (Instructor)

World Fashion Channel is an international satellite and cable network for fashion, beauty, technology, lifestyle and travel.

For my branding strategies, I will create a new & elegant look with modern aesthetics to attract a younger audience. The world of fashion is on a fast pace schedule. People are always working ahead. The new brand identity will need to be able to change instantly, so it can constantly evolve to accommodate new trends. For this rebrand, I strive to find structure that exists to keep up with a fast paced schedule in the fashion world that can be refreshed to stay desirable, and is classic enough to last.


After Effects


Logo Inspiration

The logo design resembles a W that stands for world fashion. My inspiration for the logo is based on the idea of a continuous thread to symbolize the world of fashion. The thread is used as a metaphor that ties fashion world together.